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Enlivening connection through a contemporary set of healing arts that respond to the current needs of the community.
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Explore a diverse range of transformative groups at the Local Co-Op, from yoga to various healing arts sessions, fostering a nurturing community environment in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Mosaic Yoga

Dive into a mosaic yoga class at the Local Co-Op, where creative movements blend seamlessly with ancient techniques, offering a unique and vibrant approach to holistic well-being in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Experience enriching events at the Local Co-Op, where our diverse gatherings showcase everything from healing workshops to cultural celebrations, fostering a sense of community and personal growth in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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The Wren Pass

With the Wren Pass, enjoy a monthly subscription to the Local Co-Op, granting you exclusive access to a multitude of transformative groups, including yoga and healing arts sessions, fostering continuous growth and connection within our Salt Lake City community.