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Enlivening connection through a contemporary set of healing arts that respond to the current needs of the community.
The Local Co-Op is a healing arts cooperative located in Salt Lake City Utah. We are a vibrant community hub, hosting a program of offerings led by a dynamic circle of healers, teachers, and spaceholders.

Our thoughtfully curated class schedule provides unique opportunities for deeply rooted social connection and personal development.

Please join us in creating connection. All are welcome.

Grounding. Attuning. Integrating. Restoring.

Incorporating movement based and sound based therapies, meditation, breathwork and other modalities, our practitioners invite you to join a journey of individual and collective exploration and growth.


  • Laughter. Joy. Safety in vulnerability.
  • Serving the brilliant and diverse community that we, together, are.
  • Find Yourself. Hold and Be Held.


  • Increase emotional awareness
  • Calibrate intuitive capacity
  • Experience harmony with self and others

Community Practitioners

Paul Benedict

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John Cottrell

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Robyn Dalzen

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Brandon Groux

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Akasha Kirti

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Hilary Stark

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Frequently asked questions

What types of classes do you offer at the Local Co-Op?
We offer a variety of classes, including yoga, meditation, healing arts workshops, and cultural events aimed at fostering personal growth and community connection. Check our schedule for specific offerings.
How can I become a member of the Local Co-Op?
To become a member, visit our website or stop by our location in person. Memberships can be purchased online or at the co-op, offering exclusive access to our classes and events.
Is prior experience required to attend your classes?
No, our classes are designed for participants of all levels, including beginners. Our experienced instructors tailor sessions to accommodate various skill levels.
Are mats and other equipment provided, or should I bring my own?
We provide mats and basic equipment for most classes. However, feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Specialized workshops might require specific items, so check the event details beforehand.
Can I attend classes on a drop-in basis, or do I need to commit to a specific schedule?
Both options are available. You can either drop in for individual classes or opt for a membership, which provides flexibility and discounts for regular attendees.
Are there any age restrictions for participating in your classes?
Most classes are open to participants of all ages. However, specific workshops or events might have age recommendations or restrictions, which will be mentioned in the event details.
Do you offer online classes for those who cannot attend in person?
Yes, we offer online classes to accommodate participants who prefer virtual sessions or cannot attend in person. Check our website for the schedule and registration details.
What are the benefits of membership at the Local Co-Op?
Membership grants you access to a wide range of classes, workshops, and events. It also provides discounts, exclusive member-only events, and a supportive community environment.
How can I stay updated about upcoming events and class schedules?
Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, or checking our website regularly. We post updates, class schedules, and event details online.
Is there parking available for attendees at the Local Co-Op?
Yes, we have parking facilities available for attendees. Please check our website or contact us for specific parking instructions and availability based on our location.

The Wren Pass

With the Wren Pass, enjoy a monthly subscription to the Local Co-Op, granting you exclusive access to a multitude of transformative groups, including yoga and healing arts sessions, fostering continuous growth and connection within our Salt Lake City community.