Medicine Integration Series

1991 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


Length: 6 Weeks

When: (Weekly) Wednesdays at 6:30pm-9pm

Cost: $525, sliding scale $305

Spring Series: April 10-May 22, Closing social May 29 (No class on April 24)

Fall Series: Sept 11-Oct 23

6 week Psychedelic Medicine Integration Group Series

Reflection, friendship and community through group process. 

Series includes: Psychoanalytical process, Motion/Somatic practice, Meditation (guided, breath, silent), & Creative exploration practices.

This series draws from the work of Bill Plotkin and his book Nature and the Human Soul. Using Plotkin’s soulcentric model of development we explore the four seasons, the four directions, and their associated archetypes. This framework provides an enriching environment to explore and make meaning out of our medicine experiences, further integrating the lessons we humbly receive through non-ordinary states of consciousness.
This program is for anyone who has used psychedelic medicine whether in a therapeutic, ceremonial or other setting, or is preparing for such an experience.

Focused on integrating medicine experiences, it’s a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people, foster meaningful connections and create local community.

Program intents: To build character, increase resilience, clarify purpose and further self discovery.

Led by Christian Snuffer and Sunné East


Sliding scale coupon code: Assist

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